Kelly Burichin, Professional Artist, MAAE

Kelly Burichin’s art is a language of color, line, shape,and texture. She creates an atmospheric sense of place while leaving the thought open to the viewer in her abstract paintings. Hoffman and Associates of Washington D.C. commissioned Burichin to create large-scale paintings for the leading residential and mixed use development of The Wharf District and The Yards.

Fifteen original, large scale paintings are incorporated into the interiors of 525 Water, Vio, The Banks at the Wharf, and The Bower at The Yards.


Burichin is also active with many artistic groups in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, including Plein Air Painting. She has been invited to participate in juried events in Cincinnati, including Fresh Art for The Behringer Crawford Museum, Red Door Project, Cabin Fever, and numerous outdoor art festivals. She operates a studio in Cleves, Ohio.

With a Masters of Art in Art Education (MAAE) from The Art Academy of Cincinnati, Burichin has been teaching Visual Art in public schools for 24 years. She is also a graduate of the University of Toledo with a Bachelor of Education in Art.

While teaching more than 850 students per school year, Burichin leads by example. She maintains a professional art studio and creates professional works. Teaching inspires her art and her art inspires her teaching.

Kelly Burichin
102 N. Miami Ave. #3
Cleves, OH 45002