Whether realistic or abstract, Kelly Burichin’s art is her own language of color, line, shape,and texture. She creates atmosphere and sense of place, while leaving the thought open to the viewer. She is inspired by water, landscapes, clouds, and texture. Her admiration for all of the Fine Arts influence her mark making and color in her work.

Her calligraphic line is not meant to be read as a word, but rather she is borrowing the line in writing for her line qualities in her work. Since 2015, Kelly Burichin completed eleven, large scale, abstract paintings for the 525 Building, Vio at the Wharf, and for private collections. She is the featured artist of the 525 Building. Her artwork can be seen in both lobbies of these buildings. She is currently working on art for more corporate and private collections in the Washington D.C. area, and in Cincinnati.

In 2017, Kelly was awarded second place at The Behringer Crawford Museum’s, Fresh Art event in Northern, Kentucky. Also, in 2017, her solo show at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, called CFPC: Calmness, Frustration, Peace, Chaos, spoke to the four states of being that she and other people are experiencing in recent years personally, in the environment, and politically.

Kelly Burichin is a painter but also revels in making art in collage, drawing, felting, and sewing. She is a member of plein air painting groups around Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. She participates in many art events every year.

She maintains a working studio for near Cincinnati, while also teaching Visual Art. She is a graduate of the University of Toledo with a Bachelor of Education in Art. She earned a Masters of Art in Art Education (MAAE) at The Art Academy of Cincinnati in 2005. Kelly Burichin has been an Art Educator in public school for 24 years. Working with young students inspire her personal aesthetic and she believes that being a working artist, is essential to inform her teaching.